Onsite welding and machining



  • Keyways in turbine, motor & fan shafts
  • Phaser slots for proximity vibration pickups
  • Turn out of scored shafts to true dimensions
  • Drive & Pump shaft surfacing & turning
  • Turbine shaft turning
  • Fan shaft turning
  • Repair stoker shafts
  • Machining of rotor journals
  • Steam turbine pipe flanges
  • Heat exchanger baffle plates
  • Main steam inlet flanges
  • Condenser manhole seal surface
  • Mill turbine horizontal joint diaphragms
  • Pump or motor mounts
  • Split line on turbine casings
  • Upper & lower turbine facing plates
  • Bore large pump casings
  • Drill out frozen turbine or valve studs
  • Precision boring of turbine coupling bolt holes
  • Shroud machining
  • Valve seats, guides and pressure seal rings
  • Main steam isolation valves