Onsite welding and machining




PRECISION Surface Mills are 3 axis Milling Machines used to machine new as well as Damaged Pads, Linear surfaces, Slots, Taper angles, Beveling and keyway milling etc. PRECISION machines are designed to accommodate DRO’s and CNC modules also. All our standard models are capable of being mounted in vertical and horizontal conditions as required by the user


PRECISION Surface Mills use Hardened Linear Bearings and Ball screws of high accuracy. The beds can be aligned with Laser Trackers, scanning Lasers and Optical measuring equipment for accurate setup. Leveling and locking screws are provided for accurate setup and heavy duty milling.


PRECISION Surface Mills are very versatile and can be converted and used for Drilling, Tapping, Trepanning, Boring, Counter boring and Special application requirements. These machines are built to take large cuts and reduce down time without disturbing the alignment.